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Proven Success: Exam Oriented
Reduced Learning Time, Designed to help you Pass First Time, Cut through obstacles

 There is so much about ACCA, let's put it in point form, so that it's easily digestible:

  • There is no minimum age (No maximum age either) or qualification needed to start ACCA. 

  • You can take the exams for the first 3 Papers, namely Business and Technology (BT), Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA), anytime on-demand.

  • Upon passing the above 2 papers (Passing Mark is 50%), you will be awarded ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

  • You can then proceed to take the rest of the ACCA Exams

  • It is possible to finish all the ACCA Exams within 2 years, while working to gain relevant experiences

  • After finishing all the ACCA Exams, together with 3 years relevant work experiences (Possible to gain work experiences and take exams concurrently), you can become a full ACCA member, and is a Chartered Certified Accountant

  • Read our Tutor's, Sue Kam Profile 

  • Sue Kam is a full ACCA member ie. a Chartered Certified Accountant

Our Sequence is first take FA, then MA, then BT. FA and MA classes will be personally taught by Mdm. Sue Kam. To get started, just register for Sue Kam's upcoming FA Classes and we will ,contact you soonest to guide you from there.


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Oxford Brookes University BSc program which is in collaboration with ACCA will end in year 2026. Always check ACCA website for the latest updates

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Do you think it is a Good Idea to have your child qualified as an ACCA Member and holds a title "Chartered Certified Accountant" in his or her own name by the age of, say 19 years old? How's that idea? I would tell you, that is possible. Your child may not have finished high school yet, and by then, finishing high school or A Level is entirely optional. So what if he or she does not have an A Level? She has a higher qualification anyway. How's that idea?

Well, don't just dream about it.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles, Starts with the First Step in the Right Direction.

Your Journey with us, as we recommend it, would start with:

  1. Register with ACCA as a student

  2. Take Financial Accounting First, Management Accounting Second and Business Technology Third

  3. Upon passing these 3, you will get an ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

  4. That's Superb! Well Done! Carry on with the rest of your ACCA Journey. 

  5. You are on your way to the Big Success in Life!

Customized Learning 

We have our Live Interactive ACCA Online Tuition Classes as well as individual one to one Tuition, which can be done either;

  • Online via Zoom, or

  • Tuition at your home, if you are living in Singapore

This option for one to one tuition is suitable for everyone, even for those whom have no prior accounting knowledge at all. Sue Kam can converse with you in English Language, Mandarin (Chinese Language), Cantonese or Malay Language (similar to Bahasa Indonesia). Technical explanations in student's mother tongue language has proven to promote greater understanding on many technical aspects of the subject. This option can also be in addition to any ACCA classes that you are attending or have attended.

The rates for our one to one Tuition are:

  • SGD100/= per lesson for one hour lesson

  • SGD150/= per lesson for a 2 hours lesson

  • SGD200/= per lesson for a 3 hours lesson

To initiate a lesson, simply either:

Cost Efficient, Time Efficient, Exerting Logic to Every Accounting Jargon®

As ACCA is a highly recognized Accounting Qualification and Certification Internationally, there is also a concern that many around the world may not be able to afford this wonderful education. Please be assured that ACCA have made it so flexible that they do not make it compulsory that you must attend any particular school, college or university. The compulsory costs that you must pay for are only:

  • Examination Fees (about GBP100 plus per subject)

  • Internet connection and computer (if you don't own these, you may use the Pay-per-use internet cafes at your area)

  • Your relevant one-off ACCA Student Registration Fee (GBP89.00)

  • Your ACCA annual fee (about GBP100 plus )

  • Check ACCA Fees in your home currency

  • Join our Classes right away as our classes are highly exam oriented, very well strategized so that you can spend less time studying and give you extremely good leverage to enable you to Pass Your Exam First Time

  • Not Ready? Purchase a short Personalized Consultation with Sue Kam

In The News
No Minimum Age or Qualification Requirement:
"Fast Track to Success"

ACCA which stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. They are a top worldwide, highly recognized, prestigious Accountancy Body. You don't need any minimum or maximum age, no minimum qualification requirement to start your journey with ACCA. And you can finish all your ACCA exams within 2 years, if you really aspire to. You can spend very minimally compared to other regular tertiary educations. Do chat with us by contacting us through any modes as stated on this website. Or go straight to the point to just sign up for our classes with us. Wait no longer. Your Big Successes in life is awaiting for you!


September 28, 2020

Travel the World

Yes, Travel around the World while you Journey with ACCA. ACCA allow you to register for your Exams at any of their Exam Centres around the World. 


September 28, 2020

Competition for
Top Colleges
Fiercer Than Ever

The wonderful thing you have now is, there is no one to stop you from your Journey with ACCA. You can start straight away. So long as you hit the passing mark of 50% for each ACCA exam, you are on your mark. No one cares how you study, where you study or when you study. You do not need to play political games at school or college. All you need is Pass your ACCA Exams. 


September 28, 2020

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Highly Exam Oriented

Practical Laymen's term explanations

Strategized for you to Pass your ACCA First Time in short time

     Cut through Bureaucracies

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