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ACCA Online Classes via Zoom

We currently offer ACCA Online Classes for:
  • Financial Accounting or FFA (we recommend take this first)
  • Management Accounting or FMA (we recommend take this second)
  • Business and Technology (FBT) we recommend take this third)
  • Do note that you can opt to or in addition to our classes, take up our One to One Tuition
Sue Kam ACCA Classes
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Register for ACCA Online Tuition for Financial Accounting FFA

Find out how your child can be a Chartered Certified Accountant by age 18.


You see, when I was a child, I hated studying so hard while seeing my parents quarrelling everyday about my education expenses.


One day, I discovered Fast Track Accounting offers a program which enable me to be a Chartered Certified Accountant in 3 years, without the need of any prior qualification, at any age.


I now help aspiring accountants to do the same and I am offering a one-on-one consultation where you can find out more and see if this can help you. Simply click the link below and I will be in touch with you soon.


P.S. I’m only doing this till 31/12/21 as a year end offer, after that you will have to pay S$100 for an hour of consultation with me, so do capitalize on this opportunity while you still can…

Fact Sheet

International Home Learning Program – International

Estimated Costs for Diploma in Accounting & Business

Initial Registration fee                                                     USD      63

First year annual fee                                                         USD      82

Second year annual fee                                                   USD    157

Exam fee USD 100 x 3 subjects                                     USD    300

Home Learning Program USD 350 x 3 subjects        USD 1,050

Other Misc                                                                           USD      60


Approx Total                                                                       USD 1,712 *


* exclude printing, stationery, home wifi, electricity, computer usage and is on the assumption if student pass first time for all subjects. This is just an approximate cost, actual cost may be more, please provide approximately USD 1,900.

Note: Classes and Exams will be conducted in English Language. Students should be reasonably good in Listening and Written English Language.

Class Schedule for Financial Accounting (FA)

* we reserve the right to reschedule lessons (or refund on unutilized lesson) due to unforeseen circumstances on our end

13 Live Online Lessons Plus one Preparation Class                                                                                                                        

                                                                                             Singapore Time                                                                                  

Preparation Class          Arrange individually                  2 hours

Lesson 1              Saturday 7 August 2021             9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 2              Saturday 14 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 3              Saturday 21 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 4              Saturday 28 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 5              Saturday 4 Sept 2021             9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 6              Saturday 11 Sept 2021           9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 7              Saturday 25 Sept 2021           9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 8             Saturday 2 Oct 2021             9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 9             Saturday 9 Oct 2021           9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 10           Saturday 23 Oct 2021           9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 11           Saturday 30 Oct 2021               9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 12           Saturday 6 Nov 2021            9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 13           Saturday 20 Nov 2021            9 am to 12 noon     


Targeted Exam Date for FA: 23 November 2021

Targeted Exam Date for MA: 28 February 2022

Targeted Exam Date for BT: 28 June 2022

Targeted Date to obtain Diploma in Accounting & Business: July 2022


To Start, please Register for upcoming Financial Accounting (FA) classes with Sue Kam

Once you have Registered, we will arrange to follow up with you.

Do check back with us again as we will announce our next FMA Class in due course. MA Classes will also be taught by Mdm. Sue Kam.

To get started, simply register for Sue Kam's upcoming FA classes below and we will contact you soonest to get you started right away.

Class Schedule for FA Starting Saturday 7 August 2021 9am to 12 noon (Singapore Time)

All lessons will on Saturday 9am to 12 noon. Lesson Dates in year 2021 are:  7 August, 14 August, 21 August, 28 August, 4 Sept, 11 Sept , 25 Sept, 2 Oct , 9 Oct , 23 Oct, 30 Oct, 6 Nov  and 20 Nov

Financial Accounting or FFA
Management Accounting or FMA
  • Fast Track Accounting
  • Sue Kam Accounting
  • SueKam135
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